Saturday, January 30, 2010

User-Generated Education

Jackie Gerstein

Idea for the Conversation: Once kids get the K-3 foundational skills let them create their own educations.
Is it possible, etc?

The problem: Should a student-centric, user-generated education be the predominant learning model for this era of the 21st century?
The protocol: Technology-Enhanced Socratic Seminar
Socratic- based in the idea that deeper understanding of complex ideas occurs through rigorously thoughtful dialogue.
*dialogue not debate*
•4 elements: text, questions, leader and participants
•Leader's job is not to present material. Leader listens and define additional questions.
•you should leave with more questions than answers.
•based on reading a text or texts.
•Leader: "I wonder if..."
if we can google the answer to a question we shouldn't be talking about it.

see wiki for texts: Disrupting Class
Anderson, J. Remaking Education
Furedi, F. Let's Give Children a Store of Knowledge

User generated education assists the learner in selecting the best tools for individualized learning.
problem: those who are naturally more vocal and extroverted have a voice. use tools to give all kids a voice. let kids pick the tool that they want to use.
honor people's different styles and ways of contributing to a conversation. Not everyone likes to talk.
social media increases options for participation.

Discussion ideas:
everyone is a learner, some are "lead" learners. reconfiguring the role of the adult. making learning transparent.

What is/should be the role of the adult?
talk of guide, talk of creating and manipulating the environment
discussion about core or foundational skills. what are the core skills? core ideas? cultural literacies?
How do we blend approaches? (I think this is an important question)
Do we have enough faith in kids?
Why do we (adults) get to decide for children what they should know?
What matters? (my question)

Alvin Toffler: "Let's throw it out and start all over again."

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