Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Parent Connect: Kids and Screens

Karin Hallett and I, as part of our "Parent Connect" series of interactive discussions, recently facilitated a session called, "Kids and Screens."
Here are the slides and resources we shared:

We began by sharing our learning intentions which was mainly to create a space for informed and open discussion and sharing. We also wanted to bring to the light of consciousness the connection between our anxieties about kids' screen use and our own behavior with screens. 

It's always slightly amazing/shocking/overwhelming... to watch the numbers under "Society & Media" on the Worldometers site. It certainly makes a numerical case that our world is irrevocably a world of digital communication. Then we shared some information about media use of tweens and teens, as well as adults.

We also reviewed key ideas from the updated recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics Growing Up Digital Report

We finished our session by watching this thought-provoking TED Talk, "We Are All Cyborgs Now" by "cyborg anthropologist," Amber Chase.