Saturday, January 30, 2010

Educon Keynote: Marilyn Perez

notes from the keynote speaker at Educon- Marilyn Perez (district admin in Philly)-
•Think of schooling as opportunity to provide access and equity for all, regardless of background, etc.
•It begins with the principal of a school.
•high expectations for all students
•believing that every student has innate talents and can reach their potential
•Teachers-believe the power of your words. It is possible to achieve and learn regardless of circumstance.
•Education can transform quality of life for poor children
• a sense of order. if students don't come with it, we must provide it for them.
rigor! high expectations for all children! homework...
relevant. fun.
desire to make things different, courage to challenge the status quo. have a relationship with students. "attitude of servitude" serve others (your students) with love. don't judge your students b/c of their backgrounds.
reflect on your expectations for students.
What is the purpose of schooling?
teach students to communicate, contribute, find solutions, have a successful life, be productive.

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