Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Sense of Urgency

It is January 3rd, 2008 and I am working on "developing a sense of urgency." I receive an email newsletter from Frederic Patenaude and his New Year's post was titled How to Make 2008 the Healthiest Year of Your Life. 
Number 1:
Develop a Sense of Urgency. Whenever a thought comes to your mind about something you think you want to do, or an idea you want to develop, don't let it stay there. Write it down, and decide immediately to do something about it.

Yup. I get this. In fact, this is something I have been getting better and better at, to the point that I have so many things going that I sometimes get a bit overwhelmed. But, in the past I had the tendency to think of something and then WAIT. Wait until I was "ready." Wait until I understood the thing better or was closer to figuring it out or perfecting it. I have learned that I get so much more done when I just go for whatever it is I want to do and let the details work themselves out.

And so it is time to really start my educational technology blog. For quite a while now I have been a reader of others' blogs and sites and have learned so much from everyone else's generous sharing of information, lesson plans, projects, links, trials and errors. I have wanted to start a blog forever. In fact, I started my blogger account in December 2006 and it took me almost a year just to come up with a name I liked. Now it is a new year, and I know that it is a matter of just sitting down and doing it. Process not product. In a year's time, I will have a blog instead of still thinking about my blog. It's a matter of JUST DO IT.
So. Here goes.

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Celeste said...

OK - you are SO right! I can relate to this! I DO relate to this. In fact, this could be me writing this very post! You've convinced me that now is the time and there is a sense of urgency for me. Thank you so much!