Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Good Site to Know About if You Teach in a Public School

Give to DonorsChoose
Another brilliant site for using the web to make good things happen. This one is particularly close to my heart being a teacher and always at the mercy of budget considerations. Many people outside of the teaching profession are amazed and shocked to find out that teachers, among the lowest paid of all professionals, consistently spend their own money to fund projects, buy supplies and even furniture for their classrooms!  

I remember years ago telling a friend who worked in the business world that I was unable to get my school to buy post-its, even though I really needed them for work. I had been told to buy them myself. The next time I saw my friend she presented me with an enormous bag full of post-its and other office supplies courtesy of her and her co-workers. This is but one small example that illustrates the problem. I am a teacher. I have a great idea. But it takes money to make it a reality, and I don't have money. There are people out there who would like to help if they knew what was needed.

Enter, a site where 
Teachers Ask. You Choose. Students Learn.

I am convinced the best ideas are the simplest. What could be more simple? A non-profit, online, for the sole purpose of allowing teachers to ask for help and potential donors to choose a project or projects they would like to fund and make a tax deductible contribution toward that end. The site is really cool. Check it out.

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