Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Digital Camera Scavenger Hunt

The thing I think I love most about my job as technology coordinator is that I enjoy so many areas of the curriculum. And it is so easy to integrate technology with anything! 

Here is an activity I did earlier this year with second grade. It was a great way to use digital cameras to get the kids to focus on nature and explore our school's beautiful surroundings. When I told them we were taking computer class outdoors they were skeptical (because there are no computers outside), but when we hit the trail they were exuberant.

We had two digital cameras to use so we worked in small groups. We briefly discussed the nature-lover's creed "take only pictures, leave only footprints." I  then gave each group a clipboard with a list of items to find and a camera and told them to take as many pictures as they liked. The following week in the lab they chose their favorite photos and created slideshows using Rock You.  What I like about using Rock You with young students is that you don't have to log-in, and it couldn't be easier to use. I created an account for myself, and after the students were finished I saved their slideshows to my account so I could share them with parents. What I don't like so much about Rock You for young kids is that a lot of the music choices are not school appropriate. So our slideshows are quiet. Just like nature. Well, just like nature without a large, happy group of second graders.

I've done this again, and it is remains a wonderful creative, collaborative learning activity. Here are some more student creations. These are from first graders, and we used Animoto for the slideshows.


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog through the meme quilt project. What a great way to see new blogs. I love this nature walk idea. I'll be using it this spring when the snow melts! I was also glad to hear you liked Pixie. I'll be back looking for some new ideas! Thanks.

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