Sunday, September 7, 2014

Daily 5: Implementation Checklist & Other Resources

Use of The Daily 5 for literacy learning continues to evolve at my school. Like anything new, there are questions and concerns, pushback from various stakeholders. As a leader who brought the Daily 5 to the school and a teacher who believes in choice literacy and meeting the needs of individual learners, my response has been to create resources that might help.

I share some of those resources here, with hopes that other teachers and schools might find them useful. For more resources, follow my Literacy board on Pinterest.

I also just made this video showing a little of the intro to read to self with my 5th graders.

This infographic can be used as part of parent education.


Unknown said...

I think you have a great idea for "Daily 5" to help improve literacy. Going by the checklist the students can be prepared to read without any distractions and improve their language skills. The video was a great example of how to read to self. I hope other teachers will look at this and use it.

Unknown said...

This is an awesome way to improve reading and writing skills! The checklist helps a lot with staying on track!