Thursday, July 25, 2013

We're Going 1:1 with iPads- Here's Our App List

We (a team of teachers and coaches) have spent many hours meeting virtually and in-person to prepare for our 1:1 iPad pilot program for 4th and 5th grade. As I work at a private school, parents are required to purchase textbooks each year. We have requested that the iPad and apps be purchased by parents to replace most of the textbooks, which we will no longer be using.

I will be teaching language arts, but our students our fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from a team of specialized teachers. (As a teacher, I also feel fortunate to have the opportunity to focus on language arts which is my great love.)

I have set for myself many goals, but the most important one (at least for purposes of this blog) is this: I will regularly share my process. Each week I commit to sharing something- a lesson, a reflection...something I've seen, heard, thought, created, messed-up or otherwise learned in the classroom. The commitment to regular blogging is something I have always found challenging, and as such, I have neglected this important step in the "learn, reflect, share" process.

If I do share something helpful, something that inspires or resonates, something that requires clarification, etc. I would love to know that. I'm trying to get better at writing, creating and connecting.

So, without any further babble...I share with you our app list.