Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What should I call it?

What's in a name?
I think words carry a great deal of importance. They are seeds that help turn dreams and ideas into realities. I struggle, in speech and even more so in writing, to find just the right words to express that which I truly mean.

So, what should my job title be?
My title for the last 4 years has been "Technology Coordinator." I no longer want to be the technology coordinator, and I have been somewhat successful in passing on many of the technology-related responsibilities.
Our school has grown and changed and adopted more of a 21st Century learning perspective, and I, too, have evolved professionally. Now I have the opportunity to redefine my role and with that, one of my first tasks is to figure out what to call myself.

My first thought was "technology integration facilitator." But with that, the emphasis is still heavily on technology. And technology integration. For me, I want the focus of what I do to be on learning. I plan to work closely and collaboratively with teachers in a coaching or co-teaching style model.
Should the title include the word "learning?" "Curriculum?" "Coach?"
Should I purposely eliminate the word "technology" from the job title?

Here are some similar job titles I've considered:
Instructional coach
Instructional technology coach
Literacy coach
21st century learning specialist

I have created a wordle with some ideas of what I see myself doing, my strengths and what I hope to contribute.

I welcome your input!


Jim said...

How about something like "Instructional Support Specialist?"

FaizaK said...

How about 'Educational Technologist'?

dgende said...

Hi Andrea,
I was on the same boat as my title was Academic Technology Coordinator, our top IT guy did some research and found that the popular title in Higher Ed (of course we are no higher ed just an independent K-12)is Director of Instructional Technology so that's what I am now!

From the Mouths of Children said...

I just got really excited reading your blog because my school just recently voted to adopt the 21st Century documents. I think it is really wise of you to be adopting your title to move with the times. In terms of your job title, have you thought about moving away from the word technology and toward the word media? I'm not sure if that helps. I like the word integration. I also like the idea of using the word specialist. Besides, who doesn't want to be special ;)? I'd be interested in learning about other changes your school is making to become a 21st century school.
Best wishes!