Monday, March 1, 2010

Teach Paperless for Earth Day

I just joined over 475 teachers around the world who have pledged to teach paperless on April 22nd in celebration of Earth Day. I pledged to "use no paper and accept no paper in my classroom this Earth Day," so I will also be turning off the laser printer that resides in my classroom for the day.
Please join the pledge, yourself, by signing up here.

I have invited/challenged all of my fellow "in the building" teachers to join me, as well. It would be wonderful if our whole school would embrace a paperless day. Our school is part of a synagogue, and I plan to try to inspire the synagogue staff to also pledge to go paperless on April 22nd.

I think it will be fun to share creative ideas for a day of being thoughtfully paperless. I know that many people will be using technology to replace paper, and, of course, so will I. You and your students might enjoy a digital camera scavenger hunt. You could create one with a special theme for Earth Day.
There are lots of non-tech ways to go paperless as well.
I recently had a guest in my classroom who made recycled paper with the students. It wasn't too difficult, just required a few special supplies. I have offered to (attempt to) replicate this project with any interested class. It's a different take on the paperless idea, using previously discarded paper to create something unique and beautiful.

Paula White shared this idea with accompanying photo on twitter: Paperless means kids use dry erase markers on tables and then antibacterial wipe to clean.

Just a few thoughts and ideas. The possibilities for paperless learning, creating and sharing are almost endless. Please share additional links and ideas in the comments.

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Eric Biederbeck said...

Love the idea of the digital camera scavenger hunt. I might suggest this as an idea in a middle school or high school math class. Have students go out and find pictures that represent geometric figures, ratios, or proportionality. If you feel even more adventurous have them create an animoto or other presentation with them!