Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm Sharing :)

Since one of my New Year's resolutions was to share more, I am going to push myself out of my comfort zone and post my ADE application video here. Why is this a big deal? 
I am pretty sensitive and maybe a little bit shy. I haven't told anyone except my husband (and you people) that I even applied to ADE. It was a big stretch when I shared  it in another post.

It makes me feel vulnerable. If I don't tell anyone, then I don't have to tell anyone if I don't make the cut. I am working on changing that way of looking at things. Instead of feeling vulnerable and exposed, which comes from a feeling of self-doubt, and, if I'm not accepted, to take it hard, as a personal and professional failure, I would like to get to the point where I embrace everything as an opportunity to learn and grow and to possibly help someone else in some way.
Okay, therapy session over. Here's my video.



Rob Wall said...

Sharing is always a good thing. Sometimes it takes a little move out of your comfort zone to do that, so I appreciate that you took that leap.

One of the best presentations I've seen on the topic of sharing was titled "Lesson #1: Share" by my friend Dean Shareski at the TLt Summit in Saskatoon last year. He even shared a copy of the presentation with full audio on his blog. I think you'd like it.

Andrea said...

Hi Rob. Thanks for the encouragement. I do appreciate it, as well as the link to Dean's blog post.
It's the final line of his post that, I think sums up why sharing is hard for me.

"So if you’re doing good work:share. If you’re doing a lousy job:keep it to yourself."

I want what I'm doing with my students to be good work, but what if it's not? Later, in the comments, he writes:

If teachers, students are making an effort to post and share, it’s highly unlikely their work will remain lousy. Possible but not likely.

I think that says a lot. Just being the kind of teacher who questions and cares if they are doing good or lousy work counts for a lot. Sharing invites feedback and collaboration, which help us grow and improve.

Anonymous said...

Andrea, good luck on the ADE app. I pushed myself to apply this year as well.

As a facilitator, 'sharing' is paramount. I learn from what others, like yourself, share online with their network. I share with my teachers. They share with their students. Students share with their families. A lot of it starts with one educator sharing with his or her network of peers. Thanks for sharing!!

Andrea said...

Thanks, and best of luck to you as well!