Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Day 7 of Comment08: Reflect on What You've Learned so Far

Oh good, a break from all this commenting to reflect ;)
Here is what I've learned so far:
I like blogging.
I like commenting.
I love when people comment on my blog.
People are smart and interesting and make me think about things in all kinds of different ways. Every new "voice" adds a new perspective.
I don't really have enough time to be a prolific blogger or commenter.
I should really take a minute to read my comment before I post it so that I don't have to feel annoyed after it is posted by all the times I said "interesting."
Out of seven tasks I completed all but one.
The one I did not complete was to comment on a post you disagree with.
I didn't find a post to disagree with yet.
I might do that task later or I might just skip it.
Disagreeing is not my favorite thing. I know it is a good thing to be able to express disagreement, but I feel that I get a lot of that in real life. I kind of enjoy the blogosphere for the homiphily...not sure I spelled that right, but I LIKE feeling a little warm and fuzzy about the blogosphere for now. I'm a newbie, ok??
The best thing about the comment challenge for me has been that I've gotten more comments on my blog than ever before, and I have discovered some new, fun blogs to add to my google reader.
That's all for now.
oh yeah, one more thing... it is easier for technorati to add my posts to the comment challenge if I say something like this:.....remember to label your posts comment08.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your Day 7 Reflections. Like you I had a difficult time with posting to a blog I disagreed with. I enjoy reading blogs that affirm my beliefs, thoughts and opinions--so here's to warm fuzzies

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Good one Andrea!

I believe that you are a very positive thinking person. I really like that, and I admire you, for I'm not so sure I could be as positive as you.

I think your way is best ;-)

Thanks for your sharing what you've learnt.

Ka kite

Andrea said...

Thanks to both of you for your comments.
@curious child - Here's to warm fuzzies! I felt slightly nervous to admit that I didn't really want to seek out disagreement in the name of the challenge, so it is heartening to find that it resonated with someone else.
@Ken -your comment to me really cheered me up today. I am so glad to be "heard" through my blog as a positive voice. I don't always feel very positive, but I try. Today has been a difficult day for me at work. I am feeling pretty negative actually. So, to read your comment has lifted my spirits.

Anonymous said...

Most of the participants have had issues with "commenting on a blog I disagreed with" so you are definitely not alone. If there was any tasks I feel that I'm not able to achieve the disagree task is it. I really don't want to be disagreeable in comments (although apparently I know I have been).

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

@Andrea – you have twice passed the litmus test for positivity with flying colours :-)

And hey, you said you liked blogging – that’s great. So do I. We new bloggers must stick together (oops, I’ve just made a homawfly – that’s my word for doing or saying something that commits a contribution to homophily!)

Cheers from Middle-earth

Anonymous said...

Andrea, I find I like commenting a lot better than blogging. This hasn't been a revelation through the Commenting Challenge; I've known this from Day 1. I'm trying to make myself like blogging better by setting aside a time to write when I'm fairly fresh, or starting a new draft whenever an idea pops into my head, just jotting down words/phrases/links. I currently have 16 of these drafts sitting on my blog. That way I don't ever need to feel depressed by an empty Write box. The techniques are helping, but in all honesty, I have to say that sometimes blogging is just work - period. Commenting on the other hand is fun!