Friday, February 15, 2008

More on the Mitzvah Project

If anyone has been following my thoughts on technology as a means to do good in the world and trying to turn this into a class project of sorts with 5th is the latest. I recently came across this awesome wordpress blog 25 Days to Make a Difference. This is a wonderful, inspiring site started by Laura (age ?), and dedicated to her grandpa who believed in doing small things to make a big difference in the world. Yes, I did tear up a bit as I shared it with the 5th graders today.
They are all over the place with their ideas (and very excited), and finally it is starting to become clearer to me (thank you, Laura!). We create a class blog/website and go from there. Everyone's ideas and issues can have a place. It is a project that can grow over time. Everyone can contribute with their own interests and those, too, can grow. 

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing such nice things about my site! I'm so excited that you read it and that your students are going to be doing things to make a difference somehow too. If you would like, I would LOVE to link to your student's site once it is up. I love to have other kids to connect to.