Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Professional Development Meme


Clif's Notes via kwout

My 3 Professional Development Goals for Summer 08 (which starts in just a few short days --hooray!!):

1) I am developing and facilitating an online course for Professional Learning Board(PLB) using moodle. PLB is a great site for teachers who need professional development credits. This will be part-time work for me, but I also consider it professional development as I am learning new skills and dredging up some old ones that are starting to gather dust.

2) I will finish a webquest I started earlier this year to teach the skill of evaluating websites. I plan to also incorporate resources like snopes to teach students to evaluate emails that spread questionable information.

3)My "to-do" list is soooooooooooooooooooooo looooooooooooooooooong....I really want to be lazy and develop my professional self by lying on the beach. Can my plans to re-decorate the computer lab count as PD? Writing a few more blog posts? Reading twitter?

Ok....for number 3 I will read at least one of two books I have been meaning to read: The World is Flat and/or An Ethic of Excellence.

Eight tags???!!!!! That is a LOT of people to tag! I guess you really want to make sure we all develop professionally, Clif! Ok....I tag these lucky 8(and you all have my permission to include lying on the beach as part of your PD) --

1. Nedra Isenberg

2. Silvia Tolisano

3. Ken Allan   (I know it is not summer for you in Middle Earth, but you can share summer vicariously by doing summer things with us..like work!).

4. Britt Watwood

5. Chad Lehman

6. Kate Olson (don't think because you are resigning you are off the hook for PD!)

7. Barbara Cohen

8. Ann Oro

Happy Summer, Teaching Friends!


Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia Ora Andrea!

I'm interested in your bit about evaluating web sites as I am currently thinking of re-doing
my school web site. But before I did that, I'd have to evaluate it so that I have a clue where the improvements should be directed.

You'll have to excuse my ignorance, but what is tagging? And what is the significance of being 'tagged'. I feel quite naive about this. Also in the context of your post, what is the significance of you tagging me and other bloggers?

Lesson time :-)

Ka kite
from Middle-earth

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

PS - I like the bit about lying on the beach too. Count me in! ;-)

Clif Mims said...

Thanks for participating in the meme, Andrea. I appreciate you having a little fun with this exercise. I think you can incorporate all 3 of your goals with time on the beach - granted #1 and #2 will require a well-placed wireless router and a really bright computer screen. HA! HA!

Ann Oro said...

With summer break starting in a week, you've given me a way to put my plans in writing. Sounds like you'll be busy on the beach. I'll take my PD to the pool. The World is Flat is on my dresser waiting for me to finish Here Comes Everybody. It's an interesting book, too.

Andrea said...

Hi Ken,
The webquest I am working on is with the goal of helping students evaluate sites for accuracy of the content, not the design. I got the idea because of those emails that go around with false info...I tend to get those from students and realized that the students are not very aware of how to evaluate information that they receive from the web and email.
Sorry for the misunderstanding. I would be happy to give feedback as you work on your school site. Let me know how I can help.

As for the meme....people start these "memes"- they are like little challenges or assignments that you do and then you "tag" other people, like "tag-you're it" so then they have to do it, too. So....for this meme, you are supposed to commit to 3 professional development goals (that can be done while lying on the beach, of course) and then in September we will all report the results on our blogs of what we did and what we learned. Participation is obviously optional-- there are no meme police.

I also tagged you for another meme...it is the books around the world meme. A lot of responsibility comes with the fantastic commenter award - you get tagged for lots of memes! Please don't feel pressured, just do what you want to do and what you feel is interesting or useful.

ilearn said...

Thanks for the positive comments about Professional Learning Board!

How about combining #1 and #2? In other words, let's build an online professional development course that'll enable teachers to more easily teach their students about determining web content accuracy. What say ye?


Go green. Learn online.

Anonymous said...

Good thing I stopped by to check your blog. I didn't realize I was tagged! I hadn't set my blog up for links, now it is! I have a very long PD list, I'll have to give some thought to my top 3 and post them soon. I may have to replace lying on the beach with relaxing on the back deck instead. :-)

symonds said...
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