Friday, May 25, 2012

Why Share?


Hannah Albano said...

Within the pictures, a comparison is made between a tree falling and it not making a sound and something created and not being shared. This comparison speaks volumes on how if one was not to share information with others that person would never know or internalize facts in which could change that person or their knowledge on a subject. Therefore leaving them illiterate to a subject matter that may or may not have an influential impact on their life. As in the tree falling, although we may or may not hear it the tree will eventually die consequently taking away one of our resources for oxygen and life...furthermore in comparison to not sharing information with others it takes away from resources.


Hi my name is Percy LaDuna from The University of South Alabama. That is definately a true statement placed within those trees... In today's world knowledge can be defined as power. Therfore, passing on good information can and will be a huge impact. @pladuna2001

Courtney Hieronymus said...

Hi Andrea,
I'm a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. What a great photo! I feel like this sums up technology in the classroom. Technology is a wonderful resource that has been created and has the potential of creating even more great things; however, if we do not share it by teaching our students how to use it to the fullest, it will never make a difference for them. Thanks so much for sharing.
Courtney Hieronymus

Lacie Brothers said...

I am an EDM 310 student from the University of South Alabama and have been assigned to comment on your blog post. I have heard the saying "if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?" before, but I have never seen it compared to anything quite like you have it here on this post. It's creative! I would like to say that if something is created and not shared that it would still make a difference but I can't say that whole-heartedly. Half of me thinks that if someone creates something because they have the desire to see their dream become a reality than it means something to them regardless if they share it with anyone. However, the other half of me argues with the fact that if something created can affect someone positively why hold back and not share it with someone? It may have the potential to build them up, and if you don't share the creation with them then you have the potential to be tearing them down.