Friday, May 2, 2008

Comment Challenge Day 2 - and I've already messed up!

I always like to tell the kids I teach that I am a great mistake-maker! I want them to see that making mistakes isn't a bad fact it's a good thing as long as you learn from your mistakes (which I do try to do). 
So, it is in that spirit, that I report that I already seem to have lost track of what I am supposed to be doing with this comment challenge.
Today is day 2, and the activity for today was to comment on a "new" blog, meaning one where you haven't before left a comment. 
That part was super-easy, as I read many great blogs but rarely comment. I left a comment on Wesley Fryer's post about ideas for summer professional development. Then, after I left my comment I realized that I was in safari and my cocomment tracker is only in my firefox browser. And I even blogged about that yesterday!
oh well. 
Hopefully, I have learned from this little mistake and will remember to start tracking my comments. 
It's all part of the learning for me. 

And if you are part of The Comment Challenge remember to add the comment08 tag to your post. 


Kim Cofino said...

OK, I'm not 100% sure about this (Sue would be the better one to ask), but I think you can actually go back into coComment and add a blog post to track, just with the URL of the post. Take a look around coComment and see if you see anything like that (which would then allow you to track the comment you left on Wes' blog). I forget to track comments all the time when I'm switching browsers, so I know exactly how this can happen!

Well done for starting the challenge with enthusiasm!

Anonymous said...

Hey this is Cheyla im from Regina Sask.I really do think your blog postings are really good.All that i have to say is keep it up your doing real good.And bye the way did you ever go to Disney Land yet?I really want to go there.Well talk to you later!

Lori Reed said...

Just wanted to say hi. I'm from St. Augustine FL, living in Charlotte, NC now. I am having a hard time with the coComment tool so don't worry. I'm usually good at this stuff and I can't get this figured out either!

Sue Waters said...

Yes Kim is right you can go back and add the comment. I normally do this using the bookmarklet. I've written a post about using cocomment so I hope that helps.

Diane Hammond said...

This is the great stumbling block for many teachers - the fear of messing up (and then of course being judged as incompetent). That's why it is so important for all of us to model our learning in public - messy as it is! Thanks to the organizers of the Comment Challenge, a whole lot of us are learning together right out in the open where the whole world can watch us! I'm not finding coComment to be as intuitive as other applications I've used so there will be many more "screwups" over the next few weeks. But just imagine how much we are all going to learn!

Kevin said...

Your blog post title caught my eye. Hey, it's OK to make mistakes, and that isn't even a whopper of one, really.
I like your "voice" on your blog. Sometimes, it is hard to keep that going as a blog writer.
Anyway, I was passing through and thought, in the spirit of the Comment Challenge, that I would leave a note.

allandear said...

I make mistakes all the time - and have also made a few whoppers since starting this Challenge! There's an old saying "the person who never made mistakes never made anything." :-)

Ka kite
Ken Allan

Andrea Hernandez said...

Wow, this is very exciting for me to be receiving so many comments on my blog. It is definitely more fun than talking to myself!

@Kim. I will attempt to figure out the fix. Thank you for letting me know about it.
@Cheyla. Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, I have been to Disney World (not land) several times.
@Lori --glad to hear I am not the only one stumbling around the with cocomment. I don't know why, but many things seem not to work in safari.
@Sue- I read your post and would you believe I tried to leave a comment and I guess I typed in the anti-spam word incorrectly. When I went back my comment was gone. But then I saw that it appeared in my feed for my google reader b/c I had done that part right. Wow, see how much I am learning! So, I will go back and add it again later. And I will try to add my other comment to cocomment, too. Thanks!
@Diane - I agree. I think one of the best things we can do as teachers is to model how we learn and problem solve. I frequently make mistakes when demonstrating things to the kids, and I am in the habit of using the opportunity to demonstrate the ways I use undo and other tools.
@Kevin - thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi.
It is quite exciting to hear from so many fellow bloggers!

Andrea Hernandez said...

You must have been leaving your comment at the same time I was writing mine. I am having all kinds of trouble! I keep getting weird messages from the cocomment tool. It doesn't want me to leave my comment. And I'm even commenting on my own blog! I love the "old saying" you shared. I've never heard it before!

TFT said...

Fear not Andrea, I too am getting lots of errors from the CoComment plug in. Not sure what's going on but I'll try to figure it out.

TFT said...

Of course it worked correctly that time :grin:

NCavillones said...

I also blogged about Safari vs. Firefox, in terms of commenting. In Safari, I have the bookmarklet installed but I can't be counted on to remember to hit the button before I leave a comment, so I went back to using Firefox as my default browser. I wish Safari would catch up to FF in terms of plug-ins and extensions but oh well!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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